Main Factors That Can Slow Down Your Website

Having a slow website can greatly affect your website traffic. It can also frustrate your readers when they are accessing your website. Individuals having such websites should do everything possible to address this issue. The following are the main causes of slowing down of websites and their possible solutions.

There is a bottleneck when the web traffic is high

A bottleneck can occur in the backend of your site. It can either occur on the server or network that is running your site. This weak link is known for manifesting itself when the web traffic is high. Everything web trafficshould be monitored properly to identify the main cause of this problem. The following are some of the effective methods of dealing with website bottleneck.

  • Reducing the load of those pages that are frequently accessed
  • Upgrading the hosting plan
  • Using cloud bursting or dynamic scaling to optimize the available resources

Improper configuration

A good website should be optimized or configured properly. The speed of your website will depend on the manner in which it is configured. Another major contributor to slowing down of a website is poorly-developed or insufficient code. This issue can be addressed by using certain apps and tools. These include page Speed Grader and Google Page Speed.

Overloaded database

Dealing with an overloaded database can be very stressful at times. It is an issue that can increase the loading time of a website. The following are the proven tips for solving issues within your database.

  • Double-checking your code
  • Clearing the cache

Issues with the host

These are some of the problems that cannot be identified through a manual test. There might be a configuration issue with the service provider, host or domain. These issues can be resolved easily by contacting the service provider. They will help you in determining where the problem lies. Network issues are identified by running plain HTML tests. A traceroute is run to find out if there is an ISP problem.
DNS diagnostics tools are used in fixing out debugging issues.server

Too many external resources

Looking at what is on your page is also helpful. Sometimes you might be making many calls to media hosting services, external media, social networks or websites. This is something that can increase the loading time of your site. You should always make an effort of reducing the external content’s volume on your website. Sometimes it could be the cause of your problem.…

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Tips for Saving Money on e-Commerce

These are those techniques that can help you in generating more sales and increasing traffic to your online stores. Adopting these techniques is going to help you in saving money on your e-commerce sites.

Offering discounts and coupons

Coupons are one of the standard expectations for online shoppers. Business owners should decide what they want to achieve with their coupon campaign before starting any coupon campaign. From there, they should decide on which products the discount applies to, and the amount of discount offered. The effect of these discounts should be monitored closely to find their effect on profit margins. You should avoid creating a discount randomly as you might end up losing a lot of money if the coupons become

Offering a good payment option

You should add a convenient payment option as the order volume increases. There are many payment options that you can offer to your customers. The method that is most popular with the customers is the best. Avoid using payment methods that are rarely used. Removing that option can help you in saving the monthly processing fees.

Making adequate investments

Individuals who are planning to start online businesses should create e-commerce websites. They should invest in website development, design, and marketing. Business owners should look for affordable alternatives like hiring web designers or overseas SEO firms. These are some of the cost-efficient options. Looking for trusted vendors and performing industrious research can also help you in improving your business.

Working with small business shipping specialists

High shipping charges can strain your financial resources when it comes to online businesses. Many merchants have been paying more than they should. Hiring a dedicated shipping specialist can help you in minimizing your shipping costs. The major e-commerce dealers provide shipping resources for both the small and large businesses.shipping

Enhancing and identifying effective marketing channels

Marketing an online business is a process that can cost you a lot of money. The use of Google web analytics can help you in saving money and promoting your e-commerce site. It is also helpful in identifying the marketing channel which has a positive impact.

Concentrating on customer retention

You should work very hard to retain your customers. This is done through quality customer communications and customer service. It requires an equal effort like that of acquiring a new customer. Solving their queries promptly and engaging them directly through social media can also help you in retaining them.…